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Hooray from WHIP!

Updates from the 2024 Woods Hole MA Immunoparasitology Conference…


Seminars in Immunology

Travis Wiles, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Irvine will present a seminar on April 25th on “LIFE, DEATH, & SYMBIOSIS: Igniting Viral Outbreaks in the Gut Microbiome to Promote Health”


IFI celebrates T32 Awardees

The IFI celebrated the new Immunology T32 recipients with a reception on Wednesday, August 30th. Congratulations to Zena Del Mundo, Shannon Geels, Karl Liboro, Zach Wagoner and Hannah Debray (Immunology Fellowship Recipient). Please click read more to see photos from the event.


Please join us in congratulating Alex Moshensky on his newly funded F31

Congratulations to Alex Moshensky (Marangoni Lab) on his newly funded F31 through NIAMS! His project “Disentangling the Epidermal Immune Crosstalk in Inflammatory Skin Disease” looks at excessive neutrophil recruitment due to a skin-specific knockout of OVOL1 in response to damage to the skin. This is a collaborative effort with Dr. Xing Dai.


Immunology Symposium on Primary Immunodeficiency, Newport Beach, November 16-18 2023

Speakers include:Mark Davis (USA)Antonio Lanzavecchia (Switzerland)Federica Sallusto (Switzerland)Yasmin Belkaid (USA)Mark Anderson (USA)Michael Lenardo (USA)Jean-Laurent Casanova (USA) Program and registration information available here.


Please join us in congratulating Serena Abbondante on her newly published paper

Immunity to pathogenic fungi in the eye


New Research Sheds Light on a Protein that Shapes the T Cell Response to Viral Infections

A recent study published in the Journal of Virology by a team from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry that includes Assistant Professor Roberto Tinoco, graduate student Julia DeRogatis and co-authors from the Tinoco lab, and Assistant Professor Dequina Nicholas has revealed a new discovery about how T cells respond to viral infections. The…


Please join us in congratulating the Immunology Fair oral and poster competition prize winners!

Oral Presentation:
First Place – Boyoung Shin (Rothenberg Lab Caltech)
Second Place – Emily Neubert (Tinoco Lab UCI)
Third Place – Adiza Abass (Heung Lab Cedars-Sinai)
Poster Presentation:
First Place – Shannon Geels (Marangoni Lab UCI)
Second Place – Zach Wagoner (Wagar Lab UCI)
Third Place – Jake Coast/Cristina Velasquez (Jameson Lab CSUSM)


Phil Felgner named Fellow by National Academy of Inventors

Phil Felgner, Professor in Residence, Physiology and Biophysics, is being honored for a series of discoveries based on biophysics principles and the structure and hydrodynamic properties of bilayer membranes.


Please join us in Congratulating Alex Moshensky!

Congratulations to Alex Moshensky (Marangoni lab) on being awarded a T32 training grant slot from the Skin Diseases Research Center.


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