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Integrative Immunology

Sprague Hall 105
Monday/Wednesday, 2:30 - 3:50PM

Course Coordinators

Eric Pearlman
Matt Inlay
Roberto Tinoco
Francesco Marangoni


This is the first part of a two-quarters course covering basic and advanced concepts in immunology. The course will also cover in-depth analyses of selected topics within the broader field of immunology, including relevant research techniques, while improving critical thinking skills. There will be a combination of didactic lectures with discussions of primary literature.

Course title note: Please note that this class is entitled Integrative Immunology I, and is organized by faculty in two departments: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, and Physiology and Biophysics. The class is cross listed as MOL BIO 215A (MB215A) and PHYSIO 215A (PB215A). It is the same class.

Time and Place:

Monday/Wednesday, 2:30-3:50 pm Sprague Hall, room 105. Classes will be conducted live. If you cannot attend the live classes, please contact the coordinator(s).

Text (Recommended)

Janeway’s Immunobiology, Garland Science, 9th Edition. Copies are available at the UCI bookstore. This book is also available as an e-book through Vital Source, including the option of renting the book or purchasing individual chapters:

Please note that while we will only cover selected chapters of the textbook, the text would be a good resource during graduate school. If you want to borrow a copy, talk to the course organizers, as some copies may be available. Additional reading material will be posted on the course website, in PDF format.


Attendance is mandatory for all classes and journal clubs, one excused absence allowed.


Grading in the class will be based on 2 measures:

Grading in the class will be based on 3 measures: 1) participation in the class and the paper discussions, 2) a midterm exam, and 3) a final exam.

100 points total:
40% participation in class and paper discussions
30% midterm exam
30% final exam

Paper discussions

After a lecture covering a topic is given, a journal article on that topic will be discussed the following class. All students are expected to read the paper and participate in the discussion via the following format:

  • Half the students will be assigned the paper, and will organize amongst themselves how to present it to the other half of the class. All students are expected to have read the entire paper, but will only present their section. One or two students will present a background on the subject of the paper, and each figure will be presented by one or two students. The students do not need to evaluate the paper, but explain each figure so that the class can understand what the researchers did and why. One or two students will also present the main conclusions of the paper, as the authors describe it.
  • The other half of the students are expected to evaluate and critique the paper. They will ask questions of the presenters, and offer their opinions as to the veracity of the paper’s findings. These students will also self-organize by figure, with one or two students assigned to each figure, and one or two to the conclusions.
  • The two groups are not adversarial, and both can agree on the strengths or weaknesses of the paper.


There will be a mid-course and an end-course exam, both in-class. Each exam will consist of 6-8 open-ended questions on the topics discussed during lessons and journal clubs.

Evaluation of instructors:

The students’ feedback on the quality of lessons and teachers is a key tool for the continuous improvement of the course. It is compulsory for all students to evaluate their instructors. The evaluation process will be explained by instructors to the students during lesson time.


Please note that the schedule here is not set in stone and may be adjusted depending on circumstances.

9/27/21Introduction to immunologyInlay
9/29/21Basic TechnologiesInlay
10/04/21Innate immunity 1Pearlman
10/06/21Paper discussion 1Pearlman
10/11/21Innate immunity 2Agrawal
10/13/21Paper discussion 2Agrawal
10/18/21T cell developmentWagar
10/20/21Paper discussion 3 Wagar
10/25/21B cell developmentInlay
10/27/21Paper discussion 4Inlay
11/01/21Midterm Exam
11/03/21B/T cell signalingMarangoni
11/08/21Paper discussion 5Marangoni
11/10/21Peripheral toleranceVillalta
11/15/21Paper Discussion 6Villalta
11/17/21Cytokines and cell migrationMarangoni
11/22/21Paper Discussion 7Marangoni
11/24/21Thanksgiving eve – no lesson
11/29/21Development of immune responses in SLO Wagar
12/01/21Paper Discussion 8Wagar
Finals WeekFinal Exam  

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