Marian Waterman

Marian Waterman, Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, and Deputy Director of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Office 224 Sprague Hall
Phone: (949) 824-2885

The main research goals of the Waterman laboratory are to define the role of Wnt signaling on neutrophils and macrophage infiltration in murine models of intestinal cancer. Dr. Waterman has directly mentored > 20 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, including 4 URM graduate students. She has 2 graduate students and 2 post-doctoral fellows who are supported by T32 funds for cancer research in the past 5 years), two of whom were then supported by F31 and F32 awards. Many of her trainees attained leadership positions in academia or industry.

IFI Research Focus Area(s): Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
Wnt signaling in colon cancer

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