Andrea Tenner

Andrea J Tenner, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Pathology, and Neurobiology & Behavior
Office 2228 McGaugh Hall
Phone: (949) 824-3268

Dr. Tenner studies the role of the complement system in Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. She demonstrated a negative regulatory role of the complement protein, C1q, on the inflammatory responses of microglia, resulting in a neuroprotective role on neurons. Using mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Tenner showed that C5aR1 limits damaging inflammation in AD and promotes clearance and lysosomal degradation activity. She has mentored 8 graduate students who completed their PhD degree (including African American and Hispanic students), 7 masters students and 14 postdoctoral fellows.

IFI Research Focus Area(s): Neurodegenerative Disease and Microglia Biology
Alzheimer’s, innate immunity, complement

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