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Seminars in Immunology

Travis Wiles, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Irvine will present a seminar on April 25th on “LIFE, DEATH, & SYMBIOSIS: Igniting Viral Outbreaks in the Gut Microbiome to Promote Health”


Immunology Symposium on Primary Immunodeficiency, Newport Beach, November 16-18 2023

Speakers include:Mark Davis (USA)Antonio Lanzavecchia (Switzerland)Federica Sallusto (Switzerland)Yasmin Belkaid (USA)Mark Anderson (USA)Michael Lenardo (USA)Jean-Laurent Casanova (USA) Program and registration information available here.


Symposium on Inborn Errors of Immunity

Symposium on Inborn Errors of Immunity
Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach, California
October 28-29, 2022
Keynote speakers include:
Mark DAVIS (Stanford): New approaches to study immunity in humans
Luigi Notarangelo (NIH)- Multi-omics analysis of RAG deficiency immunopathology
Jean-Laurent Casanova: From inborn errors of immunity to common determinants of infectious diseases
Filmomeen Haerynck (Belgium)- A novel player in viral sensing by transcribing host-derived RIG-I ligands

Breakfast and lunch included, registration is:
Students $100
Post-doc $200
Faculty $250


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