Zeba Wunderlich, Ph.D.


Dr. Wunderlich is an Assistant Professor of Developmental & Cell Biology

Research Interests

The Wunderlich lab is using a combination of genomic, genetic and bioinformatics techniques to characterize the enhancers that drive the innate immune response in Drosophila. In Drosophila, hundreds of genes are transcriptionally regulated in response to infection, but we only know the locations and functional properties for a handful of enhancers that encode this response. We are using genome-wide techniques to measure the chromatin state in the Drosophila fat body, a primary site of immune-responsive transcription. These measurements, coupled with directed follow-up experiments, will allow us to identify immune-responsive enhancers genome-wide. With these data in hand, we can design a wide array of wet and dry experiments to learn more about how pathogen-specific transcriptional programs are encoded in the genome and the extent to which variation in immune-resposnive enhancers can explain the large observed differences in individual fly lines' abilities to respond to infection.



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