Jennifer Prescher, Ph.D.


Chemical biology, molecular imaging, organic chemistry, immunology, bioorthogonal chemistry, post-translational modifications

Research Interests

The Prescher lab focuses on the development of chemical tools and noninvasive imaging strategies to probe immune function. The immune system comprises a vast network of disease-fighting cells that defend the body against multiple threats, but how these cells communicate over space and time to eliminate pathogens, cancer cells, and other hazards is not completely understood. The Prescher group aims to understand the complex interactions that underlie immune function by visualizing immune cells “in action”. In the lab, researchers utilize a combination of chemical and biological techniques to equip cells with various imaging probes. These probes are then used to track the movements, interactions, and functions of immune cells in whole organisms. Collectively, these studies are bringing chemistry from the test tube into living subjects, and illuminating the mechanisms employed by the immune system to combat disease.



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