Wendy Liu, Ph.D.


Dr. Liu is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory is focused on understanding cell-biomaterial interactions for the design of better materials for biomedical applications.  The primary challenge that we seek to address is modulating the host response to implanted biomaterials.  Our approach includes (1) to develop tools using materials and microfabrication to manipulate the cellular and multicellular microenvironment, (2) to utilize these technologies to understand how the physical and adhesive microenvironment regulate cell behavior, particularly inflammatory processes involved in the foreign body response to implanted materials, and (3) to design novel biomaterial systems for biomedical devices and tissue engineering with improved biocompatibility and integrated tissue function.  Our long-term goal is to improve therapies for tissue regeneration and repair by directing the host response to achieve integrated tissue function.



2412 Engineering Hall
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