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FEB 01 Congratulations to George Chen and Marian Waterman for Their Cover Article in EMBO Molecular Systems Biology on "Mathematical Modeling Links Wnt Signaling to Emergent Patterns of Metabolism in Colon Cancer"
JAN 31 Jenna Kastenschmidt of the Villalta Lab Wins Award at the Asilomar Midwinter Conference
JAN 23 Honyin Chiu of the Fruman Lab gave an Oral Presentation on "A Novel Role for the 4E-BP/eIF4E Axis in B Cell Antibody Class Switching" at the "PI3K Pathways in Immunology, Growth Disorders and Cancer” Keystone Symposia in Santa Fe


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DEC 01-02 Learn more about our 14th Annual Immunology Fair, to be held Dec. 1-2, 2016, at the UC Irvine Student Center.
NOV 07 UC Irvine-MIT team forge new approach against Salmonella and other pathogens, an immunization strategy could prevent gastrointestinal disease.
NOV 03 UC Irvine microbiologist Manuela Raffatellu and colleagues show that proteins produced by beneficial gut microbes can block inflammation-causing salmonella and E. coli.


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JAN Eric Pearlman, PhD, is named director of the Institute for Immunology. He comes from Case Western Reserve University. His research is on innate immunity in fungal and bacterial infections.


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DEC Cutting Edge: GPR35/CXCR8 is the Receptor of CXCL17
NOV The Zlotnik lab reports the identification of a new chemokine receptor.
OCT 02 Two members of the Cahalan lab receive awards at the La Jolla Immunology Conference.
JUL 08 UC Irvine-created stem cell therapy shows promise for treating multiple sclerosis in a mouse model.
APR 01 The Institute for Immunology is renewed as an ORU for a second 5-year term.
JAN 01 Dr. Albert Zlotnik and Dr. Craig Walsh appointed Interim Co-Directors of the Institute for Immunology.


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JAN 30 The Institute for Immunology lauds Professor Andrea Tenner for her recent election to President of the International Complement Society.