AAI award

Institute for Immunology Symposium (IFI)


The Institute for Immunology 16th Annual Immunology Symposium (IFI) was held on December 7, 2018, at the University of California (UC), Irivne, Student Center Pacific Ballrooms in Irvine, California, and the meeting drew 123 attendees. The symposium was organized by David Fruman (AAI ’01), Melissa Lodoen (AAI ’11), Ilhem Messaoudi (AAI ’09), Eric Pearlman (AAI ’95), Andrea Tenner (AAI ’84) and Craig Walsh (AAI ’02). The symposium featured keynote addresses from two AAI members, Gregory Barton (AAI ’09) and Cornelia Bergmann (AAI ’04).


IFI was a very popular  conference, especially among trainess. AAI Young Investigator awardee Andrea Dillon, a first-time attendee, recalled that she “was welcomed with open arms and funny stories from faculty.” She was impressed by the quality of research and student involvement. Similarly, awardee William Pandori felt “lucky and honored to get to present his research with so many other great researchers.” These 2018 attendees are already looking forward to attending the 17th Annual IFI.


AAI supported six Young Investigator Awards at IFI. The awardees for oral presentations were Andrea Menicucci and William Pandori (UC Irvine) and Mark Wiley (UC Riverside). The awardees for poster presentations were Andrea Dillon (UC Riverside) and Jenna Kastenschmidt and Aude Segaliny (UC Irvine).